About Auntie PanPan

Who is Auntie PanPan? She is a fig newton of the imagination of TJ Pandora Teer… An amalgam of a performance art character, a circus performer and an undead Auntie Mame who has been wandering the cobblestones for aeons.

Auntie PanPan is constantly drawn to the odd and unusual. There is also a rumor that she might be Marie Antoinette’s great fat aunt…but thats over 300 years ago…she cant be THAT old right?


After SO much “Life experience”, she decided to write books.

And luckily chuck the wig.

Auntie Pan Pan can be found lurking at occult stores, haunted museums, coffee houses and assorted spectacular goings on…of which if you will let her? She will bend your ear telling you her epic adventures over a glass of Chambord.

TJ Pandora Teer on the other hand…

She’s the one responsible for creating her.

TJ has been a writer/editor since the 1980s. You haven’t probably heard of her (she’s shy). She’s written for numerous Zines of the horror/vampire/occult genre. Finally finding a niche in the Occult & Goth scene.

Her path has included a variety of insanity and at least she’s never boring.

If she’s not drawing cartoons for her weekly “Goth Love Is ” or doing stand up vampire comedy in a dark coffee house somewhere, then you can find her usually at The metaphysical bookstore The Dragon And The Rose in Santa Ana California.

If she’s not there she’s hanging out with her life partner with their pet snake, Epsilon.